Innovative Products

Introducing the Allstore pallet strap…

Pallet strapsStrong and durable, these reusable and versatile fabric pallet straps are an environmentally friendly alternative for materials handling applications in distribution centres, warehouses and closed loop logistics to secure goods on pallets.

Available in 4 colour coded lengths from 4m – 7m the straps are manufactured from heavy-duty fabric 50mm wide and 5mm thick.  It has a hook finish on one side and a loop finish on the other, allowing the strap to fasten onto itself once tensioned through its steel buckle. In this way, the strap can be used to secure and stabilize palletized loads. Unlike shrink-wrap – an oil-based product that mostly ends up in landfill – the Allstore pallet strap can be used again and again, saving costs and saving the planet.

Additional benefits include Cost-saving, Improved Health & Safety, Quick & Easy to use, the soft fabric is Protective and avoids scratching of surfaces and the straps Support labeling as barcodes are not obscured.